The History of Dausch Medizintechnik GmbH



Building Bahnhofstraße 76

The success story begins in 1957 when Hermann Dausch decided to start his own business.  He founded the company Dausch Medizintechnik in Bahnhofstraße 76, laying the foundation for a successful enterprise. Hermann Dausch specialised in the manufacturing of tube-shaft instruments which proved to be an industry with steady growth.


In 1960 Hermann Dausch acquired a new building in Bahnhofstraße 76 in Tuttlingen, where the company Dausch was based until 2006. The company Dausch Medizintechnik was here until 2006.



Building Friedrichstraße 12

In order to meet the requirements of steady growth Hermann Dausch acquired the adjacent building in Friedrichstraße 12 in Tuttlingen, thereby extending the production area.


In 1990 Hermann Dausch’s son Andreas Dausch joined the company.


In 1994 Andreas Dausch passed the exam as a master toolmaker.


In terms of technology, a CNC-machine and a laser welding machine were acquired in 1995 adding a further building block which represents  the company’s steady pursuit of innovation and progress.


In 1996 the Certified Quality Management System according to DIN ISO 13485 was introduced.


With the introduction of minimally invasive valve instruments in 2001, Hermann Dausch proves once more his sure instinct, betting on a further niche of the future.


In 2006 the company moved to a new building in Wurmlingen. The modern building in Daimlerstraße 13 houses both production and sales in a total area of 1,200m2. The new headquarters of the company Dausch Medizintechnik offer light and friendly workplaces as well as an inviting break room for its employees.

Neubau Wurmlingen, Daimlerstraße 13


In 2010 Hermann Dausch transfered the company to his son Andreas. At the same time, the introduction of SolidWorks prepares for the future.


In 2012 Dausch Medizintechnik introduced a CAM-system, thus proving its desire for continuous improvement.


The company Dausch employs more than 50 employees.

Currently, we are about to expand our headquarters in Wurmlingen by appr. 1,000m2.